Inappropriate AD's for Kids 13+


If you have screenshots you wish to submit that you would like listed on this site which show inappropriate ads for 13+ when opening gift boxes in avakin life, you may send them to: or   We ask that you submit screenshots from a private email address so we may respect your privacy. 

Per the Terms of Service and conditions:

4.4 You further agree that in connection with the Avakin Applications you will not:

10. Use the Avakin Life Applications in any way that harms the Avakin Life Applications or any of affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, service providers, partners or users;



So to the above forementioned Terms and conditions. Why is it that Avakin neglects its own Terms of Service responsibility to protect kids from ads like these? Hmm I smell hypocrissy.


Here is the link to Google Ad rules. The content that Avakin is showing when opening Mystery boxes and coins often VIOLATES Googles Ad rules for CHILDREN. 

Avakin Life does not seem to understand that children 12+ who play Avakin Life, see content like this (shown below) and some girls will want to emulate dressing this way because they see this being normalized by other players in the game who do not realize, this is EXACTLY what is fueling pedofiles to be in Avakin Life!  

What 12 year old girl wears lingerie at all, especially to school??  Oh thats right NONE. 

Here is a post on reddit advertising hanging out at a club and oh ya.. having a drink of alcohol. Cuz sometimes, children 12+ need to drink, right?? 🙄🙄🙄  

So I was doing mystery boxes and then this AD came up.  In this AD you get to tear the clothes off of girls. Cuz sometimes kids 12+ might want to do that to other kids right Avakin?