Avakin Bullies


Here is one of Avakins own Social Media Moderators, in his own words, of the bullying & racism he expierenced, here 

If you have screenshots you wish to submit that you would like listed on this site to warn other players of bullies in avakin life that you come across, you may send them to: admin@avakin-bullies.info or admin@the-coven.org   We ask that you submit screenshots from a private email address so we may respect your privacy. Make sure to include screenshots of the persons profile and conversation.

Per the Terms of Service and conditions:

4.4 You further agree that in connection with the Avakin Applications you will not:

1.  Organise hate groups or use or promote hate speech;

10. Use the Avakin Life Applications in any way that harms the Avakin Life Applications or any of affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, service providers, partners or users;

11. Use or process the Avakin Life Applications or any part of it unfairly or for any illegal or immoral purpose;

2.12 You will not exhibit or partake in any behaviour that degrades service performance or is disruptive to the usability of the Avakin Life Applications or the normal functionality of the Avakin Life Applications, causes grief, aggravation or alarm to other users, or otherwise restricts or inhibits any other user from using and enjoying the Avakin Life Applications (for example, deliberately using bugs or loopholes, developing or distributing dysfunctional or malicious Plug-ins, dropping excessive items or summoning excessive portals to disrupt a Service, or disrupting the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar or abusive language, hitting the return key repeatedly, inputting excessively large images so the screen goes by too fast to read, flooding [continuous posting repetitive text], “spamming,” or excessive SHOUTING (all caps) in an attempt to disturb other users).

2.26 You agree that “role-playing” will not constitute a defence to any violation of the CoC or any other agreement.

2.27 A player who violates this CoC may be warned by Lockwood staff or have temporary sanctions imposed against their account. Some particularly serious violations or repeated violations can result in other sanctions, such as a permanent ban without warning. In addition, Lockwood reserves the right to delete Avakin Life, characters, content or entire accounts as we see fit, without warning, for certain violations.

2.28 Chat (text and voice) in the Avakin Life Applications and Service Website may be logged and may be reviewed at any time and for any reason, including, without limitation, to assist in making decisions regarding violations of the CoC. This includes, but is not limited to, private chat, group chat, my space, mails and contact SMS messages.

5.7 You agree that Lockwood may use, publish, edit, modify, record and adapt your Communications for any and all purposes relating to Avakin Life and the business of Lockwood and you hereby grant it an unrestricted non-exclusive right and licence and all necessary permissions, consents and licences required for it to use your Communications in that way. You further waive all so called moral rights in your Communications. Any data collected in this way, including the content of your voice and text communications, the time and location of your activities, and your Platform profile and IP address, may be used by us to enforce the these terms and conditions and / or passed to the police or other appropriate authorities. By accepting these terms and conditions or using the Avakin Life Applications, you expressly consent to this.

5.8 You agree and undertake that you will not make any Communication or post to or transmit to or on the Avakin Life Applications any statement or material, nor use the Avakin Life Applications in any way, that:

5. Is abusive, threatening, pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory or ethically, sexually or religiously offensive or obscene;

6. Harasses any person including but not limited to stalking or bullying;

8. Interferes with another user’s use and enjoyment of the Avakin Life Applications;

22. Solicits, invites, encourages, advocates, incites or provokes any or all of the foregoing.

5.9 If you discover any material which you believe contravenes these terms and conditions please inform Lockwood or a forum moderator with details of the page you found it on.

10. Termination and Suspension

Without limiting to any other rights it may have Lockwood may remove, restrict, cancel or suspend access to and use of the Avakin Life Applications and any part of them, if it considers (in its sole discretion) that you have breached of any of these terms and conditions or if you are under 13 years old. Additionally we reserve the right to:

10.1 Cancel your Avakin Life account if it has not been used for 18 months;

10.2 Bring legal action against you if you are in breach of these terms and conditions and to participate in any government, criminal or private legal action or investigation relating to your conduct using the Avakin Life Applications;

SOURCE: https://lockwoodpublishing.com/terms-conditions/


Don't argue with a narcissist. Their lies are their truths, and they want to watch you going crazy trying to prove it.

(The bold words you see in this report below are 🚩 of narcissistic traits.)  

One thing you will never see in real life when you go dancing anywhere at a club, is a person coming into a club verbally abusing people just for dancing. That is common sense, and it shows that person is for whatever reason, intentionally provoking, which is a red flag right from the start. So this is pretty evident all three players in this report are most obviously part of our "Haters Fan Club". So let's give some context as to why I am saying this. First, before this happened, there was a girl in the previous report below this one named Stacee who tried sowing her toxicity. Well ALL of the people eventually left the server except my wife and I and the player in the report below you see named "KillerLover" who never once said anything during that first incident coincidentally! Then new people started to come into the server including "Lavone" and "Only 1 he wants" and after "only 1" decides to start provoking and then "KillerLover", for the first time talks, but before this she had never said anything. Coincidence?

Yep in that 3rd screenshot, "KillerLover" actually said "screencast don't prove nothing." I think they meant to say "Screenshots", but notice in the 4th screenshot "Lavone" agreeing with "KillerLover" that "screenshots don't prove anything", isn't that interesting?, lol. (It's like one person is using their alt accounts to agree with themself.)  So to make sure I got this right. LKWD encourages people to get screenshotted proof when others are violating the ToS by being abusive, but here, "KillerLover" AND "Lavone" with all their infinite wisdom, basically elude to LKWDs protocol being wrong? 🤔🤔🤔  Actually I'll go with LKWD on this one KillerDumDum & Lavone, but thanks for sharing your biasness after all the time you have been in the server and never once said anything with the exception of GASLIGHTING that "screeshots don't proove anything." 🙄🙄 If this knucklehead had read the ToS & Code of Conduct, in section 5.7 LKWD goes into detail about how they monitor communications. That is how they can match screenhots to chat logs to find out if reports are legit and determine who is false reporting. *SMH*  Now, in the 3rd screenshot, "Lavone" says we should "spread an positive message" then in the 4th contradicts himself with his subtle put down. 🙄🙄  So "Lavone" gives two messages that are contradictory. 1. Spread a positive message and, 2. A dance that my wife and I were doing that involves just us and no one else, earned enough contempt from (Lavone) to side with someone he supposedly doesn't know (Only 1 he wants) to call it "silly" (with a laughing emoji) which shows you insight into using subtle put downs and yet just before that, said to "spread a positive message." (This is most definitely a narcissist.) Well, "Lavone". It sounds to me like you have passive agressiveness. You seem to not see how confusing, contradicting & invalidating your message is. All traits of narcissism. So to shed some light on this for people to see what you are doing, read it for yourself->  here.  Finally last point to make. Look at "Only 1 he wants" profile and "Lavones" profile. What do you notice about them both that are identical?  Music, Fashion, Films, Hobby, and Mood. The only profile that is different from these two is you guessed it, "KillerLover" which is just a little suspicious, as well as the fact that "Killer" left FIRST followed by "Lavone" and "Only 1 he wants" at the same time. 

This player is one from our "Haters fan club".

So my wife went to the Pirates Shindig server. Out of all the people there, this player Stacee winds up targeting my wife saying her name two times and asking to be her friend. My wife declines not knowing who tf this player is and why they singled her out of all the people that were there. (So right away, we knew this has to be someone who has an axe to grind with us most likely for putting them up on this website. So obviously they are using an alt in order to do what is called "Triangulation". This is a weak technique narcissists use hoping to try and stir up trouble between people.) That's when Stacee then begins to tell her that I am cheating on her. So My wife is telling me this on the spot and Stacee didn't know nor did she know that my wife and I are always in communication, lol. So I decided to pop in to confront miss "bad hair day" on her malicious lies.  I called her on it right in front of everyone asking her to proove it. All she would have needed to do is throw up the screenshots on an insta account and give her the name of the account to look up in order to prove what she was saying. Well she couldn't. Prooving just how weak she is with her little plotting and lies. Great job Stacee! You now get to always have a reminder of the kind of person you will always be in life! A liar, narcissist and mentally challenged fake. Cheers!

More trolls from our "Haters Fan club".

The give away is where she calls us "Peds". If she did not know us, she wouldn't have said that but the people who hate what we do know that we report pedophiles. That was the tip off for us to know that queen is definitely an alt and had an axe to grind, possibly because of one of these reasons: 1. we listed her main on our website; 2. kicked her out of our clan for modding/cheating or 3. because she was toxic and fake.  So here is how this went down. We poped into the venue and wound up meeting these people from our "haters fan club." They tried trolling us with their weak insults. They had some poor eyes aparently because I wasn't wearing a pirate costume. I had on all all new clothes from the shop (which were all bought with crowns and this was before the pirates shindig even came out) and before running into these mentally stunted inbreeds that are genetically forever challenged, I had got several compliments on my look. So I knew they were severely challenged imbeciles from the time they started and just laughed off their weak trolling. Why waste the energy? Easier to just screenshot and let everyone be able to see how well of a job their parents did neglecting them as children. 

As you can see above, Queen of Losers (Lucy) of the three stooges, kicks off the weak trolling, then cyanide tries to save face by saying his insult was a "joke." This is exactly what narcissists do! Don't believe me just read it for yourself  here. I'm willing to bet his parents did this to him growing up and now he has accepted this behaviour to be considered "normal", not realizing that people who know about narcissism will immediately see his lack of emotional quotient to be indicative of him being toxic. Man time is definitely going to have some fun fisting this guy. Then, to the left, Queen of Losers (Lucy), gives her age which just happens to coincidentally be her IQ.   🤣🤣🤣

A bigot needing attention.

The screenshots speak for themselves. In the first screenshot, the very beginning, notice what she says? That first screenshot says all you need to know at the beginning. You realize from the start, no one wants to be around them. It might have to do with them being toxic narcissists maybe? Just a guess. Maybe looking at their friends list is a dead give away as well. Also if you look at the time they have been online vs likes. It is also quite possible that these are troll accounts. 🧌 

The red flags of a self righteous narcissist.

This is little excerpt of a conversation I had with a narcissist bigot, that I call, "You can't fix stupid."  It was obviously his attempt to try to feel a sense of establishing dominance and trying to be masculine in front of his bestie when all he really did was show how narcissistic, insecure, immature and little he really knows about words. Nothing more than a charade he felt would impress his bestie in hopes he could feel a sense of grandiosity as all narcissists need. That is their way of feeling a sense of identity, like getting a fix off of a drug. It is also plausable that maybe he could have been this way toward us because he knows what our clan does and he is a pedophile showing his contempt for what we do which would explain why he was antagonistic right from the start.

So to give context to the above screenshots. I had just logged into the VIP zone when Jazz came up to me calling me a "wannabe witch."  🚩That was the first red flag showing narcissistic traits by engaging in antagonistic and provoking behavior. If anyone was to see my avie, I look nothing like a witch. Of course he could have said this because of our clan name? If that is the case, he obviously does not understand that "Coven" means "assembly" and we chose that clan name because our "theme" in the game is gothic style, eg: vampires. (further down you will know why.)  You then see me asking if he is trying to troll me and his bestie responds "we only looked at you." However in screenshot 2 above, it literally shows Jazz being antagonistic trying to troll and provoke a confrontation and yet even his bestie decides to start gaslighting right from the beginning, another 🚩 about how these peoples MO is.  So you already know these people are toxic right from the start.  Also in screenshot 2 when I said "it's not going to work" I was referring to his trolling me was not going to work and as you continue reading further you will see we kept our cool the whole time. Then as you read on in the screenshots, Jazz then stands next to me showing me he can wear what I am wearing, saying "simple completely simple", as if that is suppose to make me upset. Another 🚩 as he continues trying to be antagonistic and provoke confrontation.  I sat laughing at my screen thinking "is this guy that dense to not understand that is the way the game was purposely developed so as to encourage players to buy items they see other players wearing? The game was literally designed this way to up LKWDs revenue. Can he be that stupid?" This is why I said what I said on my last screenshot at the top. 

Then in the beginning screenshot 3rd row above, you see him insult me again 🚩calling me a facist and a nazi because I called him out on being a troll (5th screenshot 2nd row). He literally begins to start making up his own definition of what a facist is, clearly showing he does not know what the word means but trying to be convincing by sowing his own narative🚩 because I called him a troll for insulting me when I entered the server. Now according to Collins dictionary, a facist is "a person who believes or sympathizes with facism". And facism is defined as "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition."  How in the world does me calling him a troll when he provoked me, make me a facist? It was my opinion based on his behavior. A persons opinion about someones bad behavior does not make someone a facist. But mind you, we are dealing with a bigot🚩so this is exactly how bigots act. Continuing on, when I confront him about when he came up bullying me, he IMMEDIATELY deflects just like narcissists do by asking how old I am which shows you right away he was uncomfortable and did not want to acknowledge or take ownership of being rude, yet another 🚩which shows narcissistic traits.

In the beginning of the 4th row screenshots you see he then admits calling me a "wannabe witch" and then decides to go further by insulting our clan by calling it "pretentious."  (Yet again he tries to provoke, another 🚩giving credence now of him being a serial provoker as well as a narcissist.) Now, lets think about this. Our clan is a non-profit pedophile hunting clan (which is why we chose the theme of vampires), and we expose and report pedophiles along with bullies, scammer & modders by donating our own time out of our own pocket to be able to keep the game safe for kids as well as others and this guy calls our clan pretentious?  The work we have done on this site speaks for itself and if he can't see that then obviously no amount of logic will ever help him have critical thinking skills.    

In the 1st screenshot above he then starts talking condecending showing narcissistic signs of self righteousness. There is another 🚩red flag, as nacrissists believe they are superior to everyone in their mind. He even continues speaking for his friend saying she likes abuse (normalizes being abusive) which gives credence to what I said in 4th row screenshot 5.  So yet another red flag🚩showing he is an abuser which is clear throughout all the screenshots. Then in the 4th screenshot above he says to me "your immature."  Did he really say that? If he is so superior wouldn't he know, it's "You're" not "Your" ??

In the 1st screenshot above you see again how he sows his own reality, as, if I do not see it his way, then I am wrong. And yet, this is another 🚩red flag and a clear sign of how a narcissist operates.  They invalidate others. It's just their way of feeling superior but in reality they do not realize how stupid they look to others. That kind of behavior can literally be traced back to a persons upbringing.  Read here if you don't believe me: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7336665/


In the last screenshot where he says he didn't insult me, that is called gaslighting🚩and also shows he is still continuing to sow a new narrative🚩 both of which are literally classic signs of narcissism. He continues to want to keep going showing he has to prove himself until I just began thinking of comedian Ron White, when he said "You can't fix stupid."

If you search these characters, you will find what are possibly all of this guys accounts and they all begin with these symbols:   ஜ۩۞۩ஜ    


"Grandiose narcissism can be split into two facets, including agentic narcissism (“assertiveness, grandiosity, and feelings of superiority”), which is a tendency for self-promotion to get others’ admiration and/or become socially influential, and antagonistic narcissism (“arrogance, quarrelsomeness, and exploitativeness”), which refers to a reactive strategy in response to threats to one’s ego or status, as means to restore what has been threatened."  Jazz literally exhibited all of these by how he acted in the screenshots.


Below is Soul the Troll the girl he admitted in the screenshots above that he abuses. How can anyone think abusing women is acceptable?  She obviously must have a trauma bond established with him over having low self esteem and that is just sad she would settle for someone as dense and narcissistic as this guy.  This is what happens when you grow up being abused. You think it's "normal" and anything outside of that feels foreign to you so she doesn't know any better.  Here are her symbols: ☆☆☆Ş໐นl

Here are his three stooges that hang out with him.

This is a perfect example why LKWD should have never opened avakin to 13+

The below screenshots of the two players under the conversation, were at the Infinity club. The Yahweh player was insisting that you never PM anyone of high levels because it looks "suspicious af" and you only talk in public chat. People in the club started to chime in on this and explain that some people do not feel comfortable speaking in public all of the time especially if they are new players because they are new to the game. When everyone started to disagree with him he became upset and started to report everyone as the screenshots below show. Then when people would give their opinion about how they viewed lockwood and how they see them as a greedy company charging so much for crowns, he became more upset and continued to threaten everyone in the club about reporting them. So aparently, if you have an opinion around these two and they dont agree with it, you just might be reported, lmao. Now to me, that seems a bit facist. Scary to think these people with their facist thinking actually exist in the world.

I do not know if anyone recognizes what this guys name says, but EL = The,  Yahweh = GOD. So he literally is saying "I am The GOD". That literally screams how Narcissistic this guy is.

This player below is his bully partner. I couldn't help but laugh when I seen how she acted and read her name is literally "Caren". 

In the below pic of this guy, notice whats around his eyes? Then look again at the snapshot about what he said about whats around my eyes. So, essentially, it is ok for him but other people who are men that do it are "gay".  This clearly shows, 1. he sows his own narrative, 2. is a bigot, 3. is contradictive.  All qualities of a moron.


Some friends invited me to go to the True Self Society because there was a racist bully there who was kicking off non stop on racist slurs. This player comitted eight Terms of Service violations.

Here is the conversation shown below.

And here is the email I sent to Lockwood Publishing. 

So if you are going to think people will not stand up to bullies. "You got another thing coming."


This muppet, MRFURIOUS 007, is literally a pathological liar. He must have learned it from his parents. That is how relational bias works when you grow up around narcissistic parents. So Our friend goes to the Meet new Friends server. Runs into this lame person who first says he is 20 then 17, then asks her to be his girlfriend, then tells everyone he never asked that. umm Here is the proof numnuts!


This player named ɴɪɴɪ ᴅɪᴏʀ was at Starstyle bullying other players which is a violation of Avakins Terms of Service as listed above.

So lets take a look at how many violations did she commit?: Looking at the Terms of Service she was: Abusive. Offensive. Obscene. Shouted in all caps. Incited. Provoked. Harassed. Bullied. Caused grief & aggravation to other users. 10 total violations.  This girl is the epitome of a troll, trainwreck and mental case all rolled into one.


Went into True Self Society & then all this chaos started going down. Some bullies you just goota wonder... wtf went wrong with them in life?

Notice her hashtag? She doesn't even know how to spell.  That's a damn shame.


This psychopath comes into Twilight literally trying to level shame people. So I had to go and see what kind of fucktardery they were spewing. So I get there and begin reading chat and here is a testament on this website of how absolutely stupid they sound. Must be living in their moms basement hoping Trump will will the next election. 

So above, Bambi mentions how you can get banned for putting links in chat which I had done to share information with people about Avakinbullies.info   Then this bully turns on her and rips her a new one. SMH. Ok so lets take a look at the Terms Of Service shall we? 

4.3 Notwithstanding any other provision of these terms and conditions you agree and undertake not to:

8. Provide hypertext links, URL Links, graphic links, hyperlinks or other direct connection for profit or gain to the Avakin Life Applications without Lockwood’s prior written permission;

2.11 You will not post any web site links or URLs for commercial products or services or otherwise market, promote, advertise, solicit or offer to buy or sell any products or services within the Avakin Life Applications or any part of the Avakin Life Applications for any purpose except as expressly authorized by Lockwood in writing. Plug-ins may not be sold, either for real money, in-application (virtual) currency or in-application services, or include advertising or in any way offer or solicit services or donations.

SOURCE: https://lockwoodpublishing.com/terms-conditions/

If you look at their profile pic below, you can see they are using a mod in order to change it, which is ILLEGAL (according to Avakin Community guidelines.) Do they think that they can just go around bullying others, disregarding the Avakin Community guidelines and nothing will happen? How abosolutely stupid can one person be and not only that, but be so arrogant about it. LMAO.  This literally shows you just how narcissistic this person is. 


This person is a pathological liar and manipulator so beware.  Screenshots below.

So in closing. If you paid any attention to what she said, here are the main points: 1. She never answers about the name of this guy she says that is stalking her. 2. She never answers about if she can take a screenshot of him and send it after I told her how to do it on the iPad. 3. I tried joining her with my clan and cant until I tell her there is no join button and then she invites me to a sever that has only 19 visits at the time, then upon me inviting my girlfriend and other clannie, Goth Shadowqueen leaves. Oh yes, & 4. Minks, our clannie (at the time), friend requests her. It takes a while before she accepts her friend request after I blocked her for playing stupid games. Minks then says Goth Shadowqueen accepted her friend request and when Minks goes to talk to her to find out what was going on. Goth Shadowqueen totally ignores her and never says anything when asked about her poofing on us when she said she was being stalked. So be weary of this coercive narcissist. Supposedly she is in her mid twenties in real life, but my guess is she has the mind of a child. It is that obvious because she likes toying with people so beware. 


A new low level player danced too close to people in the euphoria family at club glitch. This.....  is how they asked him to move.


These two fatheads came in to Starstyle provoking everyone in the club calling them "ugly asses".  No LKWD support around to see this at all. There was one girl player named Moonlightwolf who came and sat down and when it was all over she left. Not sure why she didnt speak up about the bullying that these two were doing to everyone in the club. This is yet another reason why LKWD should have never allowed kids to play on this game. They intentionally provoke others because their mind is not able to comprehend being normal human beings, then people that witness it sit idlely by and do nothing. 


The below avie, MoonLightWolf was sitting in Starstyle not saying anything or sticking up for any of the people that were being bullied by these two. 

Albert Einstein said: "If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity." 


Here is a cyber bully who was provoking another player suggesting they kill themselves in real life. Not once, but twice, (shown in the screenshots below). If Avakin Life was 18+ and you had to send a copy of your drivers license in along with a picture of a piece of mail showing your name and address of where you live, (in order to be able to play the game & that was only accessable to the company.) You most likely would not see kids like this in the game trying to push someone into committing suicude OR Pedofiles for that matter! Because Kids dont have drivers licenses and Pedofiles dont want to give their information out because they dont want to get arrested. But that would mean Avakin would not make the kind of money they do year after year and they know this and that is precisely why they do not implement anything that will infringe upon their profits. 


There is always a child needing attention in the game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Certified stalker alert!!!    This players other avakins he uses to stalk girls with are: Shubham40470; MR EVIL 143; IDK SAM WILLSON; im devil67 & IDK Devil. 


Certified stalker alert!!!  This players other avakins he uses to stalk girls with are: Shubham40470; MR EVIL 143; IDK SAM WILLSON; im devil67 & IDK Devil. 


Certified stalker alert!!!  This players other avakins he uses to stalk girls with are: Shubham40470; MR EVIL 143; IDK SAM WILLSON; im devil67 & IDK Devil. 


Certified stalker alert!!!  This players other avakins he uses to stalk girls with are: Shubham40470; MR EVIL 143; IDK SAM WILLSON; im devil67 & IDK Devil. 


Certified stalker alert!!!   This players other avakins he uses to stalk girls with are: Shubham40470; MR EVIL 143; IDK SAM WILLSON; im devil67 & IDK Devil. 


Here is a dickwad douchenstein. Dick thinks that he owns LKWD.  Dont be like Dick.


Today at Sundown. This guy decides troll after being confronted about what he said liking minors. As time wore on everyone literally left the server not wanting to be around him due to his continued verbal abuse.


This avakin came into the venue and right out of the gate as soon as he got there, he started using offensive language and harassing Spotify, Maya & Phoenix fire.

REPORTED ON: 8/9/2022


Our friend went to the Venue @ 3:50am CST and this avakin PMd her shown in the screenshots below.


My girlfriend went to the venue and this avakin decided to show avakin life players what she thought about LGBTQ people. 


So we met a friend at Sundown. Spent about an hour talking to him before we decided to server hop to other places. Eventually we wound up at the Venue. While we were there, one of our friends game sons asked "why are two of my exes here?" He was in a grumopy (grumpy & mopey) mood but we didnt pay too much attention to it. Then his game mom casualy said "he is a little upset because his ex had used him". Right after that, this girl Luciana came in and began going off on a tirade.  Screenshots shown below. 


This is what is known as a "Self Righetous Narcissist". This BS she is spewing is something known in psychology as "gaslighting".  Something narcissists will do, is try to convince others, that their reality is the right reality and yours is totally wrong. It's classic narcissism and a form of manipulation as well as abuse. Does Heavenly Hypocrite even understand that she was a noob once? And that she messed up on punctuation with her run on sentences. SMH.


So this narcissistic, serial provoker comes in to sundown looking for his narcissistic supply by provoking people because he does'nt get enough attention from his parents. Think of it as a baby that needs a pacifier. Once they get their pacifier, then they are quiet.  Like this player (shown below). "Narcissistic supply" in psychology is how a narcissist feels validation about themselves because they were essentially neglected as a child and were not given this validation when they were growing up. Here is an article that explains and supports what I said in more detail: http://estd.org/narcissism-consequence-trauma-and-early-experiences ).

This is exactly what happens when you have an unplanned pregnancy and then neglect your child by not paying attention to them. They become a psychopath ages 0-3, or sociopath, ages 3 - 8+, with low emotional quotient.

This is obviously someones troll account. Notice in his profile his level and how old the account is.

The screenshot below obviously violates avakins community guidelines/Terms of Service. 

UPDATE: Report received @ 2:26am 7/31/2022. Confirmation received via email. Investigation now pending. 


Caught this user "D Zian", bullying another avakin player named "ShinyLina". Screenshots are self explanitory. Her profile is shown several screenshots down.

UPDATE: LKWD received my report on 7/27/2022 2:45am and investigation is now pending.


Beware of this avakin player! They are going around in game trying to pull scams on people.


Here is yet another low Emmotional Quotient, Narcissistic, Serial provoker that was obviously raised in an enviornment where their parents did not pay enough attention to them which brings us to how they decided to act out tonight because of the need for attention. Attention is what narcissists need in order to feel some form of validation.

Think of it as a baby that needs a pacifier. Once they get their pacifier, then they are quiet.  Like this player (shown below) who started dancing in everyones face as they sat talking at New Music Society being polite to everyone around. Then Gweramiri shows up, goes over to them and dances in their faces then opens her legs in their face as they sat chatting politely amongst themselves. She was repeatedly asked by players to move away from them and she refused even sending a laughing emoji in chat until some players left because of her continous trolling.

Flag this post to LKWD to be looked at on twitter, reddit and Insta so they can see that she kept violating the avakin community guidelines.  https://avakin.com/community-guidelines/

This avakin use to go by the name Tano. He is a Malignant Narcissist, stalker, habitual liar, manipulator, passive agressive, sexist. Does not respect boundaries of couples & will try to split them up. 65+YOA

Malignant Narcissist, stalker, habitual liar, manipulator, passive agressive, sexist. He is harcore anti LGBTQ+. 50+YOA 

Malignant Narcissist, mysoginyst, womanizer, manipulator, serial provoker, habitual liar, passive aggressive. Does not respect boundaries of couples and will try to split them up.  From India. Roughly mid 20+YOA

Troll. Enjoys provoking others for a laugh which is a sure sign of a narcissist.  Notice his name? Sounds like ego issues to me. I'm not sure about you all but Einstein, Hawkins, Jonas Salk, Tesla, those were and still are Legends for sure. Not sure what makes this guy feel as though he is a "legend". Think he must have some insecurity issues in real life.

Malignant Narcissist, sexist, mysoginyst, womanizer, manipulator, homophobe, habitual liar, passive aggressive. Resorts to mental & verbal abuse if you dont give him pics of yourself or refuse to speak to him on the phone. Asks for explicit pics from women. Toxic mental case. 45+YOA

6/23/2022. Was asking a question at Sundown when ArcLights decides to try and provoke me. Anyone who tries to provoke another person is literally showing you a tell tale sign that they are a narcissist. His profile shows zero days that he has been on meaning that he just created that account. It's possible this is one of many troll accounts he could have. Best to block people like this right away. Then you never have to run into them again. I love the bock feature in Avakin! It keeps the toxic trolls away. (shown below).  

6/23/2022. Notice his name, level,  years of his account, how many properties, clothes and pets he has in his profile. Troll account? Notice what he says in the screenshots and where I am sitting. Then asks why we are ignoring him. 

6/17/2022. Encountered this guy trolling people at Sundown when my girlfriend and I went there to work. He admitted he enjoyed trolling people in the following snapshot below then tries gaslighting by saying "trolling and bullying are different" (meaning not the same thing). Um. I'm pretty sure it is the same thing because you are intentionally provoking people. 

Below, is Merriam Websters definition of "trolling" which supreme23 had said was "so fun".

6/17/2022. My girlfriend and I went to work at Sundown. Two female avies with similar names decided to show us how well of a job their parents did raising them. Screenshots below speaks for itself.

My girlfriend and I went to club Glitch on 6/11/2022 @ 4:30pm CST. We encountered this girl named Crise Secrets J.  She showed everyone at the club just how great of a job her parents did raising her. Dont you think?

Braggs about what she owns, has played a year. Here is what her profile shows:

My girlfriend and I went to The Meta Daisies Live club on 6/11/2022 @ 3pm CST. After we logged in. This Avakin came right up and started in on us.  Her profile is the last screenshot. There was over 40 accounts who had this name ending with a different number at the end. Many that looked like the same bots that use to spam public chat in different zones who would try and sell coins by gaining peoples personal information, which allowed them to take over peoples accounts. My girlfriend and I blocked them all.


On June 9th @ 10:30am CST. My girlfriend and I went to work at Sundown when this guy "Tiger Woods men", started calling people noobs on the dance floor just because they were a low level. Then he started calling them loosers and did this more than a couple times. 

Encountered this user on 5/30/2022 at the Rainforest retreat -Wellbeing centre, when my girlfriend and I had went to work in the cafe. Below is the conversation that started in public and then she took it to my PM to continue her verbal abuse.  Notice how she tells people (who are already working before she got there) in the cafe to hurry. This is a sign of "entitlement", a tell tale sign of a narcissist. It is all about them and what they want.  At the end of the screenshots of the conversation is a screenshot of her profile pic.  


Encountered this user on 5/14/2022 at New Music Society.  Upon entering the club. I had seen a message in public chat from of him saying "Dead meatbags". (referring to the users in the club, as they were not talking). As soon as I had seen this, I knew this guy was toxic. So as I was dancing  with my girlfriend at the club, a girl named charliAddisonAlo had PM'd my girlfriend. My girlfriend said in public chat "Out of my pm" as this is something I have seen many of ava users do when they do not want unwanted PMing from people they do not know. Right after my girlfriend said this. This user then PM'd her as shown in the picture below his profile pic.  This is what is known in psychology as a "Serial Provoker" which is a tool that narcissists and psychopaths use in order to evoke a reaction.  One key take away I want to bring attention to, notice his hashtag! This says it all. He wants acknowledgement and if he can't get it, he will incite and inject his hate in order to get a response. This is classic narcissism. I cannot help but think that this has to be a person who literally has the mind of a child and very low Emmotional Quotient. One last thing is his shirt he wears. With the word "King" on it. Another sign of narcissim as he has a over inflated sense of self importance. Watch Dr. Ramani Davasula or MedCircle  youtube channels to learn the signs of NPD or click the links just mentioned to go directly to their channels.

Notice in his profile above, his level and how many years his account is, the number of properties, clothes and pets. Most likely a troll account. If it is, this is definately a sign to me of a malignant narcissist which explains what I think is an underdeveloped mind. He has to lash out in order to feel like he is being heard. Maybe raised by abusive parents?

My girlfriend and I decided to make "Ranger outfits" and we both decided to sit at the meditation stone in the Rainforest Nature walk zone. We didn't bother anyone. Kept to ourselves and along came a guy named Southernguy34 and this is what happened (shown below). 


Notice their hashtag? It is a tell tale sign of a narcissist. They are projecting through their ego how and what they want to believe about theirself that they subconciously lack in their real life. Notice their level and how old their account is? This is a troll account.

Here is another player who PM'd me while my girlfriend and I were minding our own business at the Rainforest nature walk zone. Their name is shown in the screenshot of the pic below and a screenshot of their profile is under that.


Here is another player who just needed to make sure he took the opportunity to say something disrespectful in public to us.


When I first met my girlfriend, she introduced me to this guy named Blacklabel, not realizing he was a narcissist. His alt characters are shown under his main one (shown below). After I met him, It did'nt take me long to see he is most definitely a narcissist. I have personally witnessed first hand, him enjoy causing drama at clubs by provoking people. He would get upset when I would block people who would cause drama and then he would try to make it out that me blocking people who cause drama was a bad thing. This, is gaslighting as well as manipulation. The developers of avakin put the block option in the game to help people avoid drama mamas. It is a way that helps people continue to enjoy their game without being bothered by others who seek to try and psychologically terrorize others. It's that simple. Months back, blacklabel would get upset if my girlfriend did not drop what she was doing right that minute and go give him hugs. He had literally unfriended her four times in one month then gaslighted his now wife, Lady Danger, that my girlfriend had unfriended him the fourth time. When my girlfriend had went to tell Lady Danger what was going on. Blacklabel was there and tried only to talk to her in her PM and not in public so Lady Danger would not hear. My girlfriend continued to speak in public as she knew that black was only trying to control the situation so as to not get found out by Lady Danger that it was him that had unfriended my girlfriend for the fourth time and not my girlfriend as he had claimed. My girlfriend was finally able to set the record straight that black was manipulative and lied about that situation as well as to her. Since that time we have both blocked him and finally have no more of his drama which is so refreshing! So to everyone. Be weary of anyone who likes drama. It only causes headaches and complicates your life as well as disrupts your health. 45+YOA

This person. Is a chameleon. In her profile, she says that she lives in Norway but lives in the UK.  She goes by Lilith, Nyx, Beautifulmistake, Lucifer, DarkRayne and who knows what others. According to what she told me, she was kicked out of a family of over 200 players. She never elaborated as to why. This was December of 2021 right before Christmas. She at one time tried to break me and my girlfriend up. It began at the ball you see us at in the screenshot I have posted. She even made the comment that she would "pinch my girlfriend" from me. This was before the ball event ever went live in avakin! She even mentioned to me and my girlfriend, hearing voices as well as seeing objects morph, which is known as "audible and visual hallucinations". This is defined as "Psychosis" or "Schizophrenia" in psychology.  MedCircle  and even Dr. Ramani Davasula talk about this in detail on their youtube channels. She claims everyone wants to copy her avies and steal her ideas. This is "Paranoia" which is associated with "Schizophrenia".

Now, it is not defacto that Schizophrenia has a direct link to narcissistic traits, or how it plays a role in interpersonal relationships, but it is indicative of one who should be on meds to help balance brain chemistry. Whether this was genetically inherited or self induced. It's clear there are a plethera of mental issues going on here that are causing her to act the way she does. Regardless, the way she chooses to treat others how she does, is is totally unacceptable.