Narcissists ARE malignant serial provokers

Narcissists ARE malignant serial provokers — it is a basic tool they use to create chaos so that it throws the target off balance to elicit or better yet FORCE a reaction that they will then use against ‘YOU’ as if ‘YOU’ are the source of the very chaos THEY created. They will use this technique as often as they can to create a chaotic/toxic environment where you are always having to defend yourself, or answer them to ward off further negative comments, feeling confused by the outburst, walking on eggshells, weighting out your words to keep the peace, feeling fear, anxiety, and eventually losing yourself, your voice, your individuality, and even your very soul. It is ALWAYS about control and power with them and NEVER a reality based relationship! The only way to STOP this is to never engage with their toxic words – or quickly disengage when they start and walk away. Greg

Greg Zaffuto – Author – From Charm to Harm and Everything Else in Between with a Narcissist


TIP: No matter how offensive a player gets. Ignore them completely. Instead, document EVERYTHING by getting snapshots or video recording everything. Remember. Eventually LKWD will review all content and our goal is to remove the bad players from the game who bully others. So dont be one of them. 

If you have a friend or friends, who have been pursuaded by a narcissists silver tongue and ever changing narritives they conjure up in order to deceive, manipulate and control others, or they are being used as "flying monkeys" to do the narcissists bidding, it is best to avoid them as well. Time is the best teacher and eventually it will show them the truth about that narcissistic person they are hypnotized by. It's only a matter of time. You cannot help a person who chooses "cognitive dissonance" over logic. They must figure this out on their own. I liken this to what I call, "the Jim Jones effect". You will have those who will drink the kool-aid (poison) the narcissist doles out and not even question the narcissists intent and whats in the cup, and basically believe everything the narcissist says. Then you will have those who will choose to question whats in the kool-aid (the cup), and these are the people who will remember instances and inconsistancies about things the narcissist had said or did that will make a person realize that they are just being used as a puppet in the narcissists schemes and decide to not be a part of their mischief or want to be a part of their cult. That is ultimately your choice. Either be pro logic or not. 

Or as William Shakespeare famously wrote, "To be or not to be..." - Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1. 


Finally. If you know of people who are narcissists and are in a relationship with each other, lie to each other, and one is a friend of yours and you wish to help them wake up from their narcissistic slumber, DONT. Here is why. It is far better to leave them both alone and not intervene, because you are essentially doing the world a favor by keeping those two narcissists together and preventing them both from destroying others lives with their abusive behaviours.