Sex predators in Avakin Life


If you have screenshots you wish to submit that you would like listed on this site to warn other players of predators in avakin life that you come across, you may send them to: or   We ask that you submit screenshots from a private email address so we may respect your privacy. Make sure to include screenshots of the persons profile and conversation.

The following is a list of Narcissistic Sex predators, (shown under the "where to report" section). For more information on how to spot "sexual predators", take a look at the links in our "Resources" page.


Please send screenshots of anyone who bullies or is sexually predatory to Avakin Life players to:

Their law enforcement office if you know the state, city, town and country they live, as well as and to so we can post them under the "Sex Predators" or "Avakinbullies" section of this site in order to compile a comprehensive list of these narcissistic and predatory players in the Avakin Life community. Together, we can hold them accountable.

Per the Terms of Service and conditions: 

4.4 You further agree that in connection with the Avakin Applications you will not:

1.  Organise hate groups or use or promote hate speech;

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2.26 You agree that “role-playing” will not constitute a defence to any violation of the CoC or any other agreement.

2.27 A player who violates this CoC may be warned by Lockwood staff or have temporary sanctions imposed against their account. Some particularly serious violations or repeated violations can result in other sanctions, such as a permanent ban without warning. In addition, Lockwood reserves the right to delete Avakin Life, characters, content or entire accounts as we see fit, without warning, for certain violations.

2.28 Chat (text and voice) in the Avakin Life Applications and Service Website may be logged and may be reviewed at any time and for any reason, including, without limitation, to assist in making decisions regarding violations of the CoC. This includes, but is not limited to, private chat, group chat, my space, mails and contact SMS messages.

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5. Is abusive, threatening, pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory or ethically, sexually or religiously offensive or obscene;

6. Harasses any person including but not limited to stalking or bullying;

8. Interferes with another user’s use and enjoyment of the Avakin Life Applications;

22. Solicits, invites, encourages, advocates, incites or provokes any or all of the foregoing.

5.9 If you discover any material which you believe contravenes these terms and conditions please inform Lockwood or a forum moderator with details of the page you found it on.

10. Termination and Suspension

Without limiting to any other rights it may have Lockwood may remove, restrict, cancel or suspend access to and use of the Avakin Life Applications and any part of them, if it considers (in its sole discretion) that you have breached of any of these terms and conditions or if you are under 13 years old. Additionally we reserve the right to:

10.1 Cancel your Avakin Life account if it has not been used for 18 months;

10.2 Bring legal action against you if you are in breach of these terms and conditions and to participate in any government, criminal or private legal action or investigation relating to your conduct using the Avakin Life Applications;





For those who do not realize how dangerous online games can be to children and how many companies like Lockwood Publishing turn a blind eye to this. Take a look at the following news articles. If this does not show you how serious this problem is and Lockwood continues to do nothing to protect kids 13+, then pedofiles will continue exploiting games just like Avakin to pray on children and I for one will not accept that.

Albert Einstein once said "If I were to be silent, I would be guilty of complicity."

We all have a responsibility to protect children from pedofiles and companies like Lockwood keep neglecting their responsibility to do the right thing and protect the children who play their game. Especially since they chose to drop the age requirement to play Avakin life, from 18+ to 13+




Depraved child rapist Michael McArthur jailed after grooming & sexually abusing 12-year-old from Avakin Life


Pedophile was investigated over sexual activity with a child under 13 after first making contact with the victim on Avakin Life





Legal Consequences for Online Predators

"Many states have laws preventing adults from “corrupting” minors or engaging in sexually explicit conversations with those under the age of 18. In addition, it is illegal to send pornographic material to minors or to encourage and pressure minors to send explicit photographs or videos of themselves. Adults who are convicted of this type of conduct can be sentenced to prison and may be required to register as a sex offender as a result of the conviction."


Anyone who allows or ignores an adult having an intimate sexual relationship with a minor, is part of the problem. Period.


You can also report pedofiles Internationally by country using the first link below! 


Where to report:

Choose the country where you live and/or where the suspicious situation has taken place. The police in your country are connected to Europol/Interpol and law enforcement in other countries. Always report to your national police when you know that the suspect is from your country. When neither of the countries is on the list, please send as much concrete information as possible about the suspicious situation you observed to: This includes suspect(s), victim(s), location and time.

The International Labour Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are victims of sexual exploitation every year. However, reliable data is still difficult to find. No country is immune to this crime. When you suspect child sexual exploitation or abuse in your own country, you can contact relevant local authorities or hotline. When you are travelling abroad and you are not familiar with reporting mechanisms in foreign country, this international reporting platform helps you to report suspicious situations at the right authorities.

Keep children safe and report suspected child sexual abuse and exploitation!

Internet Crimes Against Children at:

In the USA:     

In United Kingdom:


Homeland Security iGuardian
HSI is committed to combatting the sexual exploitation of children; as such, investigations of child sexual exploitation are among HSI’s primary investigative priorities. The sexual abuse of children impacts the most vulnerable segment of our society.  HSI recognizes the importance of education and community awareness regarding the dangers of online activity. Project iGuardian aims to counter a disturbing fact: many online child predators are able to find victims online because children are not aware of how dangerous online environments can be. HSI believes that providing children, teens, parents and teachers with information regarding the dangers of online environments and how to stay safe online can help prevent many instances of this crime. That is why HSI has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s NetSmartz and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces to develop Project iGuardian.

Project Safe Childhood

Project Safe Childhood is a Department of Justice initiative launched in 2006 to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children. The threat of sexual predators soliciting children for physical sexual contact is well-known and serious, and the danger of perpetrators who produce, distribute, and possess child pornography is equally, if not more, dramatic and disturbing. There is often an international dimension to these crimes such as when offenders travel to victimize children outside of the United States or view live video streams (in addition to recorded still and video images) of children being abused in foreign countries.

Crimes Against Children Research Center

The mission of the Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC) is to combat crimes against children by providing high quality research and statistics to the public, policy makers, law enforcement personnel, and other child welfare practitioners. CCRC is concerned with research about the nature of crimes including child abduction, homicide, rape, assault, and physical and sexual abuse as well as their impact.

ICAC Task Force

The ICAC Task Force was created to help Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative responses to offenders who use the Internet, online communication systems, or computer technology to sexually exploit children. The Program is funded by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The ICAC Program is a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 3,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. These agencies are engaged in proactive investigations, forensic investigations, and criminal prosecutions.



Legal Consequences for Online Predators

"Many states have laws preventing adults from “corrupting” minors or engaging in sexually explicit conversations with those under the age of 18. In addition, it is illegal to send pornographic to minors or to encourage and pressure minors to send explicit photographs or videos of themselves. Adults who are convicted of this type of conduct can be sentenced to prison and may be required to register as a sex offender as a result of the conviction."


Anyone who allows or ignores an adult having a intimate sexual relationship with a minor, is condoning this abuse and is part of the problem. Period.


Finally, to our haters like Scorpio Claudonia and her band of flying monkies who criticize our work of exposing pedofiles. Do something productive with your time instead of spewing toxicity, lies, triangulation and hate and justifying adults having sexual relationships with minors. People like you are why the world has problems with pedofiles. Because they normalize it using cognitive disodance to make wrong behavior look right when you know it isn't.

Sex predators to watch out for in Avakin Life

This guy was at sundown xl saying this to all the female avakins in their DMs

ᴜɴʜᴏʟʏ ᴏɴᴇ

Below is a seperate time this player was sexually explicit to one of our members. This is now his second violation and hopefully a ban.



Here is a conversation that doomedx78 had with a PI in meet new friends server. Shown below. He clearly is unphased knowing he is talking to a 15 year old and even says to her that he will be "her first", meaning, oldest man that she has had.


Courtesy of TCL. 

Courtesy of TCL

This guy messaged one of our Alliance members via Instagram who he had added even after she told him she was 15. He has multiple Instagram accounts. Below are his accounts and the conversation she had with him before she blocked him.

This is his Zepeto acounts


Courtesy of Mads & Keas



This guy is at it again. Report him please to protect kids on Avakin from him.


Courtesy of TCL

So this guys name is:   ◕◕ ❛ ✷✷ ❛  

We wanted to put his name up so you all could copy and paste it into search in Avakin Life to find him and block him. He says he is from brazil in his profile but obviously is not as you can tell by looking at his insta page. He alledges that he is 22 years old. He unwittingly hit on our investigator who had told him she was 14. He wanted to know if she has ever had her period. He then propositioned her for sex and told her he wanted to give her an orgasum. Read the conversation below for yourself.


This player started to talk to me at Starstyle server. She said she was 19 and I said I was 15. She said my age didn't matter and wanted to know if I wanted to have sex. Screenshots of conversation shown below.


Another predator at the "meet new friends" server who uses avakin life to get young girls to share pics of their bodies on snapchat. 


So our clan member hops over to the "Meet New Friends" server and runs into this guy named LizzieBobbitt475. Wait until you read what he says to her in private AND public at the end of the convo! 




Went to the venue and this guy PMs me as soon as I rezzed in. He kept wanting to try and get me to log into Instagram so he could show me porn he makes, after I told him I was only 14 years old!


Another online pedofile.


ONLINE PEDOFILE ALERT. Read through the beginning of the conversation. When asked their age, they do not say until asked a second time. Then when agent told them they are 13, they STILL want to be friends with agent. As you look up their profile on Insta, they have NO POSTS. Only followers and people folowing.


This  conversation took place at Twilight where many pedofiles hang out in Avakin Life.


PEDOFILE ALERT!!  - Reddwolf1959. A narcissistic, pathological liar and online pedofile!

Here is this pedophiles other account shown below.


My girlfriend went to Meet New Friends to see if she would find any sex predators. Sure enough, this muppet PMs her. Screenshots shown below.


This conversation happend at Starstyle. 


Here is a pedofile from Dubai. His real picture is shown after the avakin life screenshots.



So I popped into Starstyle club to see if there was any trash pedofiles on. Sure enough, this guy DM'd me as soon as I rezzed in. Screenshots shown below.

Reported to LKWD 8/18/2022





And yet another sex predator in avakin life who ignores a girl saying she is a minor and to please stop touching me.


This pedofile was at Starstyle making advances on a 15 year old and they are 40 years old. 

We are fighting for the safety of the children who are playing Avakin Life. We aim to hold Lockwood Publishing (who owns Avakin Life),  responsible and accountable for allowing online pedophiles to keep running rampant in their game which is for players 13+ and ignoring their responsibility to protect its players. Enclosed are screenshots of an online pedofile. We are asking you to start taking this matter seriously and to put the safety of your players first and foremost over your crown currency and coin packages. Since you choose to keep ignoring this problem that you created since you opened Avakin Life up to 13+ years of age children, we are now taking our fight to Twitter, Google and every news outlet to make everyone aware of your irresponsibility to protect the lives of children who play Avakin Life.

This was posted to reddit to warn everyone who plays Avakin Life but instead of Lockwood Publishing listening to our plea to do something about this problem. They locked the post and then removed it. Effectively showing that they are trying to whitewash this problem out of the public eye. This should be illegal for any company to do and the ones that try like LKWD should have heavy penalties enforced. From prison time to the most hefty fines allowable by a court that can be levied. 

Lockwood Publishing.  The new Jeffery Epstein of the world. Will you finance this company's agenda to allow 13+ year old children to be exploited?

8/7/2022  12:15am UK time.

My girlfriend went to the Meet New Friends zone and this guy PM'd her. This guy asked her if she had snap chat. She said yes and that she was 16. This guy didn't care and wanted to know if she would snapchat with him and strip. Screenshots shown below. 

REPORTED TO LKWD on: 8/7/2022

8/6/2022  approximately 6pm UK time. 

My girlfriend when to Meet New Friends Restaraunt to hunt predators and wound up running into this guy spamming that he was a sex addict and looking for any female sex addicts to contact him at his snapchat. Screenshots show below.

REPORTED TO LKWD on: 8/7/2022


ONLINE PEDOPHILE ALERT!!!   Watch out Avakin Life players!  Me and my girlfriend  had ran into this avakin at Sundown and did not know when we met him that he is a online pedophile!! He is a pathological liar and a coercive manipulative narcissist who gets mad if you do not call him "Daddy". Screenshots from a conversation I had with a 15 year old who he was trying to "groom" her shown below!

8/6/2022. 1:11pm UK time

This guy popped into twilight and sent my girlfriend this pm.


8/2/2022  10:50am UK time.

My girlfriend went to work at the cafe at Sundown. This guy PMs her asking if she wants to have sex for money. 


Our game daughter sent in these screenshots of a pedo. Screenshots below, self explanatory.


My girlfriend and I went to Sundown around 1:35pm CST and seen HopeBroas129 public message soliciting girls for sex. Screenshots shown below.

REPORTED TO LKWD on: 8/1/2022

So my girlfriend and I originally met this avakin at Sundown. He seemed like a really nice guy at first. Played the gentleman.. Proclaimed his love for his girlfriend Minerva. Told us how much he misses her and how he would never cheat on her. Told us he does not associate with anyone under eighteen.  Then... we come to find out through thirty two sent in screenshot conversations, some on discord and others in avakin life, that he was sending explicit pics of himself to a seventeen year old during the time he told me and my girlfriend that he would never cheat on his girlfriend. So to put this into more context, he had told us he was thirty one years old.  So not only did he break the Coven Creed our family stands firm on about lying, but also that he is a pedophilic. We also came to find out, that he exploits people's empathy for his own purpose, such as drawing people in to get close in order to manipulate their feelings for sex or to get nude pics and vids, or all three. Preying on people to exploit their empathy is a tool covert narcissists use so they may get what is known as "narcissistic supply" from others. It could be as simple as attention to usery such as the other aforementioned things described above, (sex, pics, vids).



Sex Predator alert. This Avakin is sitting at the Solar Sound Festival Campsite asking in peoples PM if they are horny . Screenshots shown below.  My girlfriend and I were able to even get proof of him gaslighting in the screenshots! This is classic gaslighting from a narcissistic, psychopathic sex predator. Screenshots sent in to LKWD.

REPORTED TO LKWD on:  7/27/2022

Covert, CoerciveNPDSerial Provoker, psychopath, Stalkerbigot, hypocrite, Jekyll and Hyde, sex predator, has more than several avakin accounts, one named "Squishy taco" shown below. (What do you think he meant by that name when he made it? Might as well add "sexist" and "misogynist" to the list above). Notice how he says in his alt account below that he is from Lebanon? More like Ontario California. Thats a far cry from Lebanon. (This guy never stops lying. These are actions of what is known as a malignant narcissist.Take note of his hobbies on all his avies below.) If there is anyone on this site that is prison material. It's this guy.

 So a little background about this mental case. When I first met him, I remember one instance of being at the rose tea room where me and my girlfriend were working. He had seen how well Stars and I got along with each other and did'nt fight or argue (unlike him and Kkat do) and then he purposely tried to think of things to pit us against each other to find a way to make us fight. He had even made the remark, "there has to be something". Meaning he was thinking of something that could make me and my girlfriend fight. Now, right now, you have to be wondering.. why would anyone even think like that? It's the way a psychopathic, malignant narcissists mind works. When they are not happy, they need to find ways to make other people around them as unhappy as they are.  It brings a psychopathic, malignant narcissist pleasure knowing they were instrumental at making others feel as bad as they do. My advice is, stay the hell away from sick people like this. They are toxic to the very core.


 So this is when I began realizing he was covert and something was way off about him. Another time, I was in a group chat with him, his girlfriend Kkat and Stars my girlfriend. Out of the blue he asked "Have you seen what Stars look like?" I told him yes I have. Then he took it upon himself to put her picture that he had out in chat. He even showed a pic of his 51 year old girlfriend, (Kkat), to Stars behind Kkats back when she had explictly told him not to show it to anyone and to this day Kkat does'nt even know!. This is the kind of person he is. Covert AF.


Stars my girlfriend even has emails from him where he would look at her profile and comment to her saying "I can see your coochie". Now WTF would he even be looking at my girlfriends profile and saying that shit to her? I bet Kkat does'nt even know he did this either. Again, covert AF.


There was even a story my girlfriend shared with me that when she first met him. He was trying to impress her by taking her to someone elses house in the game that was set to public and he was trying to pass it off as his house, lmfao. Another time, at the venue where he accused my girlfriend of trying to steal Kkat away from him.  She got so tired of his drama that she had to leave. The constant manipulation and fake bullshit literally never ends with this guy.


 So here is how him and I had a falling out. He decided to start sending me trolling emails (shown below), after I had started making a female avakin. So I called him out on his hypocrissy and asked him, why is it ok for him to make a female avakin he named "Cassie" (shown below), but when I do it, he uses a homophobic slur toward me. (And mind you, this is a supposed "religious person"). His excuse he used, was, that it's different for him because he only uses his female avakin for "editing purposes", (Which was a bold faced lie. Just look at his alt account above who is obviously a female avakin). So essentially its ok for him to make rules for others and exceptions for himself. Hmmm.. That is something known in psychology as "gaslighting".  Something narcissists will do, is try to convince others, that their reality is the right reality and yours is totally wrong. This is classic narcissism. It is nothing more than a form of manipulation. The same kind of manipulation that Jim Jones, David Koresh & Charles Manson used. Another example of gaslighting he pulled was there was an instance, where Tiff, a friend of my girlfriend told us that he had "sent a video of his penis" to her. She was really upset about him doing this and I remember her being upset and wanted Kkat his girlfriend to know. Thats how much it bothered her. So when we confronted him about this, his excuse was literally "I sent her a video of some guys penis. I dont know whos it was. I found it on the Internet and thought it would be funny to send to her." (Me, my girlfriend and Kkat, his girlfriend, were all witnesses to him saying this). This is sexual predatory behaviour. Tiff is 21 or so, and this excuse of a human sends her a video allegedly of "some guys penis" he claims because he thought it was "funny".  You have to ask yourself. Who in TF does that?!  A sex predator does.


Let's explain how serious this really is. In New York City, a bill was proposed in late 2018 to make it illegal to send "an unsolicited sexually explicit video or image to another person with intent to harass, annoy or alarm such other person." The law would make cyberflashing punishable by up to one year in prison, or a fine of up to $1,000, or both. Many more states in the US are taking this seriously as well as in other countries. This is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE behaviour, not funny at all despite what he says and it is time we all be proactive in standing up to these predatory people. SOURCE:


Now lets really put this into even more context. What guy, who uses homophobic slurs (shown below), allegedly claims that he searched the Internet for random guys videos, who are  exposing their genitalia, just so they can send it to their friend who is a young girl because he thinks it is "funny"???  This is literally how far a psychopathic, narcissistic, sex predator will go to create a new narrative in order to save face and not take responsibility for their own actions.  They will literally double down on the dumbest narratives thinking everyone will just believe them. (Look once again at his hobby that is listed below on Cassie and his main farther below, it shows "Jiu-Jitsu". Up above on Squishy Taco his alt, it said "writing". More like "Bullshit-you").


So after Oozy began sending me his bullying emails, I had went ahead and made my Instagram public to show everyone how he really is and shortly after, he changed his name. Now think on this a minute. If someone was not trying to harass another player then why would they decide to change their name? If they were not doing anything wrong then why would they change their name? Its because he did not want to get crap from LGBTQ+ people for using homophobic slurs, so he ran away, instead of face the music for showing he is a bigot. It's interesting how bullies tend to do that when they are caught with evidence of them bullying others. Isn't it?  Now on his old profile, He wrote that he was "Rich and Famous". Something narcissists will do, is create an "image" of themselves in order to make them appear more important than how they really are.  Hmm.. Kinda like how Joran van der Sloot did.

They do this in order to gain attention from people which is called "narcissistic supply" in psychology. It is how a narcissist feels some form of validation about themselves because they were essentially neglected as a child and were not given this validation when they were growing up. (Here is an article that explains and supports what I said in more detail: ). Below is his new name and profile. Notice that it does not say "Rich & Famous" but instead says "VIP". Yet another way for him to create an illusion in his mind of feeling a sense of grandiosity and feeling of being important due to a fragile ego and insecurity issues. One final and very telling thing to also point out. The pose he is doing on his main is called "Powerful". He is always in this pose, wether as a male or female avie. This is a way to compensate the ego because it is something that is important to project to himself that is essentially lacking in real life. Many people cannot seperate themselves from their ego because it helps them feel a sense of identity. Without it, they would have a identity crisis but in reality, the ego is nothing but an illusion of the mind. 

Watch Dr. Ramani Davasula or MedCircle  youtube channels to learn the signs of NPD or click the links just mentioned to go directly to their channels to learn more.


So right after I stood up for myself to this bully. He decided to go on Instagram himself to complain about me having over 5,000 people blocked, (which is a lie because lying along with abusing others, is another thing that narcissists do very well.) But since he feels like blocking people is so bad and bullying, lying and verbally abusing people is ok, I thought that I should at least share something with everyone from a user off reddit which I thought was pretty funny (shown below:)

So, as mentioned, shown below, is Oozys new profile under his new name, shown as a 'clown' with a snake (talk about irony!).

So, to wrap this up. If anyone of you out there plays a female avakin and are male, I'd love to hear from you so as to be able to compile some posts in a collage to show people that it is more common than some people think for males to play female avakins. I have seen it in EQ, EQ2, DAoC, SWG, WoW, Celtic Heros, Darkeden, Streetfighter, Mortal Combat, Marvel vs DC, Silkroad, Goddess, Brave blades, Order and Chaos, all the Tomb Raider series, Lineage 1 & 2, Perfect world, PUBG, and so many other games!  There is even a Avakin moderator I once met who is male in real life but plays a female avakin. His name is AToH. Also. Here is a outstanding link I recently came across that is sure to virtually smack any male upside the head that may think that playing female avatars is "not common" show here:

And finally, the post shown below is off of twitter of a male who also plays a female avakin.


So just like Biggie Smalls use to say. "If ya did'nt know. Now ya know..." (mic drop...)

UPDATE: Here is the new name he is going by now. It matches him perfectly when you read the definition below! And he still plays a female avakin but criticizes others for doing it. 

No Oozy. You're not rich and famous. SMH. Delusional, Narcissistic, a pathological liar and sex predator yes, but not rich and most certainly NOT famous. I mean seriously. Why would any famous person be playing ava if they had a career being famous? You would think that there would be hardly any time to even fit ava in your schedule. You would be more concerned about keeping your career going by being on social media, doing gigs, appearances, charities, advertisements, etc. Facts on Facts. So keep pretending to get that narcissistic supply for attention you so desperately need to fill your empty small minded ego. 

6/21/2022 - 12:30pm CST. Below is screenshots of a online sex predator. His instagram is shown in his hashtag in his profile. 

This avakin has went by several names. One in particullar is "Master Shadow". Which is his main below who he changed the name on. He has many, many, avakin accounts! Another is Mr. King. He will claim some are banned but they are not. He lives in India and his playground of choice in the game is Twilight. He advocates rape. This was told to me from a woman I know who was with him at one time who realized how bad of a person he was and finally broke away from him. 

Here is an example of sexual predator as well as sexual harrassment by this user "Blade", who says to "believe in allah" on his profile. My girlfriend and I, ran into him at "Escape the looking glass set", on 5/21/2022.