The self absorbed ego of Raeyne

This person is a chameleon. In her profile, she use to always claim to live in Norway but actually lives in the UK.  She now goes by Raeyne aka Lilith, Nyx, Beautifulmistake, Lucifer, DarkRayne and who knows what others. She has ties with DF (Death Family) and according to what she told me, she was kicked out of a family of over 200 players. She never elaborated as to why (but after you read this, I think you will draw your own conclusions.) This was December of 2021 right before Christmas. She at one time tried to break me and my girlfriend up. It began at the ball you see us at in the screenshot below that I have posted. She even made the comment that she would "pinch my girlfriend" from me, as in "steal". This was before the ball event ever went live in avakin! She even tried to get me to dance with "babydoll from "Death Family" as the screenshots will show below, and even mentioned to me and my girlfriend that she heard voices as well as seeing objects morph, which is known as "audible and visual hallucinations". This is defined as "Psychosis" or "Schizophrenia" in psychology.  MedCircle  and even Dr. Ramani Davasula talk about this in detail on their youtube channels. She claims everyone wants to copy her avies and steal her ideas. (screenshot shown below.) This is "Paranoia" which is associated with "Schizophrenia".


Now, it is not defacto that Schizophrenia has a direct link to narcissistic traits, or how it plays a role with it, or in interpersonal relationships, but it is indicative of one who should be on meds to help balance brain chemistry. Whether this was genetically inherited or self induced. It's clear there are a plethera of mental issues going on here that are causing her to act the way she does. Regardless, the way she chooses to treat others how she does, is is totally unacceptable.

In the top picture you can see Babydoll from the Death Family who NYX aka Lilith kept trying to get me to dance with.  I refused NYXs advice shown in the pic as well as Babydolls multiple attempts to interact with me which I thought was suspicious AF.


In the above picture, some may consider what she said "a joke", but after enough time of being around her, it was a regular theme to have this kind of misandrist way about her. Especially when she was drinking Jack Daniels. Comments like that are indicitive to narcissism and passive agressiveness.  If anyone accepts being the butt of ones jokes on the regular, you are allowing yourself to be conditioned for abuse and form a trauma bond. This is what narcissists do all to well and they don't care because they never were taught emotional quotient as a child from their parent when they were growing during their developmental years. It is even possible this could have been how her parents had treated her as she was growing up and now she sees this as "normal" behavior. I believe the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) even talks about this. Only that person can fix this later in life but many narcissists do not think they have a problem at all so they wind up damaging others along the way and could care less about how they impact others with their abuse which then causes the abused to have disorders of their own, like PTSD. Even Complex PTSD and the effects from that could last much longer than the abuse did, even well after you get away from the abuser!  People don't realize how serious this affects their mental health for the long term after being around a narcissistic abuser. 

To give context to the above pic. I shared a concept idea to Lilith that the devs could make to protect players from other players trying to copy their styles. (Like a temporary trademark you pay for every month.)  I shared this with Lilith maybe a week before the valentines day event. The day of the Valentines day event, Lilith told me Jocelyn was at the event and I could run the idea past her since she supposedly knew the developers. So I showed up to meet this person and tried to talk to Jocelyn about the idea and she ignored the idea and never spoke. So I started to share the idea in public chat and she still never answered back so I then gave up trying to explain it and Jocelyn left. So my girlfriend Stars left as she was bored and I left as well. Then when I logged back in 2 days later after this happened. This was the abusive letter I got in my email.  #1. We never even spoke about a time that we would meet. It was suppose to be that day that I came to the event from what Lilith explained and I showed up and tried but Jocelyn obviously didn't want to listen and left. No meeting was ever pre arranged after that. Facts.  #2. Jocelyn even ignored Lilith at the event and wouldn't talk to her. That def seemed strange to me and #3. I had real life to take care of so I could not be on two days after the event. Now, If you read that email carefully you will see some interesting points. #1. Jocelyn invited Lilith, the person she ignored at the event to come and talk?? Really??  #2. She deleted Lilith because of me? The guy who was trying to share the idea with her at the event and then started to share it in public and then she left anyway? #3. Then Lilith threatens to delete both Stars and me because I wasn't on for two days after the event where I went to talk to Jocelyn? Then she mentions how she felt stupid and had to make excuses for me when again there was never a tentative meeting scheduled because Jocelyn left?   How TF does any of that make any sense? It because she is a gaslighter. A full on Covert Narcissist. I don't know how she doesn't see how crazy her ranting sounds but it is for this and the other reasons I listed above that I have to label this person as a highly toxic person.     Oh and, below is the pic of Jocelyn. Might want to take notice of the years she has played along with the likes. That is obviously a modded account. If you do the math, thats 6070 likes per each year which breaks down to 505 likes per month. EVEN when she is offline.  Ya, I gotta call bullshit on this one. Can anyone say gameaddons?

Here is even one of her emails shown above where, once again, she was obsessed with thinking everyone wants to copy her. She even had a shit fit that AToH bought the same jacket she had on when she was showing him her properties. AToH put it on his female avie then showed it on his fashion blog so she got pissed and blocked him (she claimed), all over a damn jacket?? The level of arrogance and pettyness is just pubescent. *smh*  As if lockwood made that jacket specifically for her and her alone... unreal.  Anyway, I digress. As you look at that email above, be sure to really look at that date on it because it was way before her rant email above that.  Why is that? Because I tried to be a friend and think of a concept that would settle her paranoia about everyone wanting to copy her but instead I wasted my time trying to help her & wind up getting shit on with her drama email when I did nothing wrong but try to help her.  



So here we go again with "Bullshit 2.0"

We ran back into Raeyne at the scorpio event, only she had changed her name to Lagertha. We weren't sure what to think about this as she claimed to have turned over a new leaf (shown in the screenshot below her old profile & the convo we had with her at the scorpio event) but it's still the same ole same ole.

In the screenshot to the left of this text where she says "ava keeps deleting my friends list", we already knew that was a lie. Never seen anyone even mention this on reddit at all about this happening or even anyone in game talking about it, so this was already a red flag.

Every place we would go with her, it didn't matter where, she would always insist people were trying to copy her avies looks and it was probably 80% of the time she claimed it was males.

Then we went to Club Glitch and she DM's a guy calling him a cnt because she thought he was copying her. The poor guy didn't even know what in the hell she was talking about as you can see in the screenshots below.

There comes a point in life where you just need to step away from people like this and hope one day in time that a doctor can figure out what chemical imbalance it is that they have in their brian to help them correct this illness and help them figure out how they are treating others, but when they are this far gone, where they make things up in their mind like thinking "Crimson Dawn" is real a real person which is a fictional character in "Solo" and then they want to try to convince you of it. You gotta realise at some point. Their brain is broken and no amount of meds is going to help them.

To Raeyne, my personal messsge to you is this (because you seem to only relate to and understand movie dialouge.)

As Han Solo said in Solo:  "You know what your problem is? You think everyone is like you." 

Get professional help Raeyne. You need it probably more than you or your family realise. Your ego has cripled your mind and seems be a bigger issue than your own ignorance and that truly shows how ill you are.