Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Toxic Players to avoid in Avakin Life


Don't argue with a narcissist. Their lies are their truths, and they want to watch you going crazy trying to prove it.

Get to know them long enough and see for yourself, just don't say that we didn't warn you.

The Toxic, covert, malignant, self righteous & grandiose narcissist, Scorpio.   

The screenshot to the left gives you an idea into the mind of how Scorpio thinks as well as about how she sees herself. She refers to herself as "I'm the main course." Seeing herself as the focal point with Koda even though Koda just said she was in a relationship for over a year with someone. Instead of respecting Koda having a relationship with someone that she has been seeing for over a year as well as taking into consideration the feelings of Kodas partner who does not play avakin, Scorpio instead makes the conversation all about her with her subtle comment and even goes so far as to refer to Kodas partner as a "side biscut." If you pay attention, that was some carefully selected language she deliberately chose to use which shows how she sees Kodas partner being insignificant while exalting herself.  Proving, that she lacks the emotional quotient to understand the feelings of others and exhibits traits of grandiose narcissistic personality disorder according to the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual Fifth Edition of mental disorders.

So, let's put all of this in context. Scorpio has a grudge against us, as she mentioned in the screenshots. At the time I didn't understand why until after I attempted to communicate with her on Instagram regarding her clan member named Chessie that Scorpio kicked out of her family. My intention was to mend their relationship, unaware of the reasons behind their fallout until later. However, when I approached her to discuss this, it seems she must have either been under the influence of alcohol that night, OR that she could have thought I already knew about why she kicked Chessie out of her family and that could be the reason why she decided to be reactive and go on her abusive rant, (displayed below.) The narritive she is trying to sow is that I was trying to tell her what to do which to me sounds very much like a misandrist way of thinking considering all I was trying to do was appeal to her conscience about mending her and Chessies friendship because I could tell Chessie missed her family and freinds. Now in retrospect, I realize how much for the better it is that things did not go in that direction, as I started to understand more about who Scorpio really is as a person.


So later after this is when Chessie told me that she questioned Scorpio as to why Scorpio was now going from having an "in game son" relationship to an "in game INTIMATE relationship with her game son!."  Apparently Scorpio didn't like this and this is why Scorpio booted Chessie out.  So as you read her rant below, where she says that Chessie "bullied my kids". (She is meaning her "in game kids.")


First off. Chessie is NOT the type of person who bullies people, she is actually the person who gets bullied by people! Her heart is nothing like a bully. As for Scorpios, let me put this in perspective. Scorpio actually called Chessies work, then denied doing it when confronted by Chessie, until a memeber in Scorpios clan named Cage, called Scorpio out on lying about it and then Scorpio admitted she did call her work to him. Right there shows she is a stalker as well as gaslighter, is deceitful AND a liar. To add more to this disturbing situation is Scorpio normalizing intamacy with her "in game kids" and from what I specifically remember, it was ok with her that actual adults in real life in her clan were having inappropriate in game relationships with real life minors!  I even remember bringing this up to her and she would say "I'll handle it" but she never did. This has solidified in my mind that Scorpio is not only sick and out of touch with reality but also shows she has at least three NPD subtypes. Covert, malignant and self righteous.


Next, I never told Scorpio she was a "shit person" as she accuses me of in the screenshots, ever. And I never bullied her ever as I am deadset against bullying and she knows this. What I said which is shown below is she had "a narcissistic attitude."  Then at the end where she says she "looked me up." How did you do that Scorpio when I never gave any personal information to you?  Yet another lie.  Then she says that I am "Phony."  Let's see, just to make sure I am understanding this right. Our organization is trying to protect kids from pedophiles (from people like her) and she says I am phony?  If I didn't know any better it sure sounds like she is projecting what she feels about herself on to others. Something narcissists do on the regular.  Yet another identifier proving who Scorpio really is. So to recap. She lies, gaslights, justifies and normalizes adults having inappropriate relationships with minors, is verbally abusive, jealous of others, controlling, covert, uses coercive actions to be malicious to people and not to mention has a huge ego which would be the 4th NPD subtype she has which is "Grandiose" NPD. If you're looking for a toxic person, this is it right here.  *SMH*  And she says we are "garbage" in the screenshot above. *SMH*  Keep projecting your insecurities Scorpio. We already know who you really are inside.


Finally, in closing. To our haters like Scorpio and all of her flying monkies she uses for any doxing campaigns, are brainwashed by her lies and criticize our work of exposing pedofiles like her. Do something productive with your time instead of spewing toxicity, lies, triangulating and hating and justifying adults having sexual relationships with minors. People like you are why the world has problems with pedofiles. Because they normalize it using cognitive disodance to make wrong behavior look right when you know it isn't.

This players original Avie was   ⸸ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ˢᵖᵉˡˡ ⸸   Then she made the alt which is shown below. When we first had let her work with us, she had tried to discredit our work of exposing paedophiles by using illicit practices to manipulate a forced response. That might be how she works but it is not how VDC works, hince why she no longer is in VDC.  This is another reason why we are much more careful with who we surround ourselves around and work with. She would even private message me and expect me to not let my girlfriend know anything that she would messaging me. Number 1, that is disrespectful AF to my girlfriend and I was not about to do that. She would constantly scream in my PM that my girlfriend was not giving her as much attention as she was giving to other people and make threats to leave if she doesn't get as much attention. I finally asked her in public to just talk openly about her concern so she could be heard and then she lost it. She became arguementative and hostile, instead of trying to voice her concerns & feelings. *smh*  This is exactly why we are cautious now. All of our memebers have a seat at the table but we do not treat anyone better or different than anyone else nor will we. Why be that petty?  I've heard of people being ridiculously petty about likes before.. but this? This is just next level petty kindergarden nonsense. 

Full description of this player is listed under the ILLEGAL page midway down.  Both pics below are of both of her accounts. (Who knows how many she has.) She will ask for crowns as the screenshots show on the ILLGEL page even though she buys items off gameaddons which is obviously illegal.  *smh*  If you are going to play the game and your a full grown ass adult, dont go begging people for crowns and using manipulation by saying you are poor, then go buy illegal items from gameaddons.    

Full description of this player can be found under the SEX PREDATOR section (toward the bottom). This guy is quite the character.  Both pics below are of both of his accounts. His other accounts are not known at this time.

The full description about this player is listed near the bottom of the page under the AVAKIN BULLIES section.  All three pics shown below are of all his accounts that we know of.

Full description of this player is listed under SEX PREDATORS section toward the bottom and the five pics below are of all his five accounts that we know about. 

The player below is a covert narcisist and goes by the name "Domian". When we first meet him he was all kinds of nice than as we got to know him better we seen his narcissist side starts to come out. He claims he is from Brazil but always speaks in english and interestingly he uses MANY U.S. expressions. Also, we have never once witnessed him speak in his own language at all, at least not during the time we known him which was almost two months. He once told us he was friends with a 14 year old on Instagram then changed his tune and said "well she friended me I never friended her."  When we had tried to tell him that it is not age appropriate, he literally could not understand why. Huge red flag here!  Also, he once waited until I logged off and tried to get my girlfriend to tell him every name on her friend list which was none of his business. I confronted him about this and told him he is not getting the names on our friends list, then he proceeded to ask me "Not even yours?" So evidently his comprehension skills are lacking. (ANOTHER HUGE RED FLAG!) If you lay down boundaries, he will gladly ignore them and keep pressing his luck which obviously shows he definitely has control issues or thinks he is so smart that people will just do what he wants them to do. A clear sign of a narcissist! He is also is very passive agressive and does not see using his friends as the butt of his jokes but will get upset when his ex's friends do the same back to him. Hmm.. I think that is call a double standard?  He lacks the intellectual capacity to understand when people tell him no.