Incompetent LKWD Support


I want to start by prefacing this section by saying that this is in no way reflective of all LKWD support.  There really are a lot of LKWD support who really do a great job at reading and investigating reports. This section is to just point out the ones who either work at LKWD or are sub contractors that are simply lazy or do not even know how to do their job.

This is the most trouble I have had now filing a report to lockwood publishing on a player claiming to be LKWD staff and threatening to close a players account. Mochi (I believe an outsourced LKWD contractor) disregarded reading the report I sent in, so did Luis. Two people now from support who do not read reports. So what do ya do in that situation? You email the CEO and let em know that one of the people they hired is purposely choosing to not do their job.


This is the story of Luis the helpdesk support tech who doesn't know how or does not like to do his job.  You choose.


So as you can see, Luis closed the report after I showed him I had filed a report through the players profile! He simply decided to ignore it. So I made sure to show this to LKWD in a seperate report so they know they have a helpdesk support tech who does not know not know how to do their job.  Way to go Luis. Now your company knows that you are a lazy employee. Kudos to showing them and all the people who read it here on

This is the story of Sirine the helpdesk support tech who doesn't know how or does not like to do his job.  You choose.


Thank you Alfonzo for doing a great job with your customer support and showing Sirine how its done! Kudos! 

Here is another email Sirine replied to but clearly did not answer much less read. It's like he doesn't understand or just doesn't care or maybe is high while he is working. Who knows.

This was the chart I was trying to post to AvakinOfficials Reddit page to show players how unbalanced the clothing, features, etc. are for males compared to females. The moderators would not post it or even reply back to me when I emailed them asking why.  At first glance you might say, "so, who cares." Until you do the math and realize that female avakins have 3964 more items than males!  Ya. That is quite significant and this is if you started a brand new character on August 11th, 2023!  Maybe the mods at AvakinOfficial just did not want males to know or maybe it seems like no big deal to them but to me, it definitely seems like the game is more favorable toward female than male avakins. Something I think we all already knew.