The Fascist side of Avakin Life


Have you heard of the word "Whitewashing"?

Definitions from Oxford languages online define the word "Whitewashing" as:

a deliberate concealment of someone's mistakes or faults in order to clear their name.
"the opposition called the report “a whitewash”"

a deliberate attempt to conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about (someone or something).
"most sources prefer to ignore or whitewash the most disturbing aspect of such reports"

Throughout history whitewashing has been used as a tool to sow a new narrative and detract from the facts as many of you already know but one thing you may not know about as a Avakin Life player, is this same tactic is what Lockwood Publishing also subscribes to. It is heavily used on their Reddit page "AvakinOfficial" by the moderators who work for Lockwood Publishing, shown below.

Here is another example (shown below) of a post that a player/reddit user exposed proof of and posted on avakinofficial, regarding discord being used by a lot of avakin players to gain illegal likes, coins, dummy accounts, items and crowns. After they posted this, the mods removed it within an hour instead of addressing it.


If they do not like something a person says that does not align with Lockwoods agenda (or the moderators agenda) to promote Avakin Life in a favorable or appealing way to garner more interest for revenue, the moderators of the reddit page will simply refuse to post your content or remove what you post as you have already seen from the above posts.


I had posted an suggestion about an idea where if they could feed their Terms of Service and Code of Conduct into an A.I. coded presence in their game, then maybe that could finally be the end all to the bullying, pedophiles, sexing, etc. in the game.


(Shown below).

After that, when I tried to share something I found about fashion that was Gothic dresses that I thought a lot of people would love the moderators would not post it.
(Shown below).

Then when I tried asking a question about if the fashion contests were rigged as others have claimed the mods would not post it.  (Shown below).

Below is yet another example and this is a great one. I commented on a reddit post and it was done to bring attention to her profile likes of 29,451 in only 2 years of playing!

I broke down the math in my comment about how she would have to get x amount of likes per month since the start of the account and how that seem'd suspicious because that is inconsistant with how real likes work in Avakin. I asked people to please correct me if I was wrong and if this is possible to get this many likes without using gameaddons.  Right after my comment, the moderators locked the post and removed my comment.  The users reddit name is selfindulgance as you can see below which I presume is the owner of that modded account. So think about this. She posted this on reddit and blacked out her name and friendship code. Now if you are like me you would have to ask yourself, why? My guess is she knew that if she had posted her name and friendship code, the mods could have looked into her account IF they had wanted to find out about her using gameaddons and if they had found mods that she has then they could of banned her account.  I still wonder though why the mods decided to lock this post when it does not break any rules since her name and friendship code is blacked out therefore it does not violate their rules and the comment I left was in no way disrespectful or trolling. It was simply a question. 



Many posts you now see on the AvakinOfficial reddit page do not have near the criticism they once use to have and if you say anything the moderators may personally feel threatened over, such as suggesting A.I. could help with removing the bad players, they silence you by refusing to post any of your content. (Most likely because they feel threatened that AI could do a better job then they can.)  Even if it doesn't break their rules.  Def an Ego issue going on there.

Lockwood wants everyone to see their game in a favorable light. They dont want to bring attention to the issues of whats really going on, like how their game is infested with pedophiles and they leave it up to the players to report it because that would detract from their revenue and one day that mistake will be the biggest stain on their reputation, they just don't have the foresight to see it.  It's as though they would rather live in a make believe world or mindset and enforce that mindset on players to how they should think in order to contribute to Lockwoods agenda and just turn a blind eye to the serious problems of the game as though they will all just go away.

Wait a minute...   Hmm.. Why does that sound like: