What Incompetency looks like

This is the newest addition to our page and highlights how Covert narcissists act.  One thing that avakin has no shortage of are narcissists just like this guy who display what the very definition of disfunctional and toxic are. 

So my wife went to twilight. This guy Royal Icon begins talking to her while he is with another woman named Rebecca. As soon as I show up he begins asking about me to my wife in her PM, then insulting me and he does't even know me, lol. So what he established is,  🚩1. He was jealous. 🚩2. Showed he was being passive agressive in my wifes PM. 🚩3. Is obviously a covert narcissist to be talking to two women in their PMs at the same time while insulting someone he doesn't even know. 🚩4. Must have incompetency issues to feel that threatened about me showing up to be with my wife, lol.  If this is how he is in an online game, it gives you an very clear understanding on how he actually is in real life. TOXIC. When I let Rebecca know in public chat about what he was doing, he even went so far as to speak for her saying "she doesn't care." He had just met her and now is speaking for her instead of letting her speak for herself which is 🚩5. He is obviously sexist to speak for her and not allow her to speak for herself. Screenshots below.  

Passive agressiveness is obvious all over Royal Icon's PM's to my wife.  This shows you the kind of stunted mentality he inherited from the people who raised him growing up. He must have a pretty big ego needing to build himself up trying to tear people he doesn't know down. Classic narcissistic behavior showing clear tendancies of being  🚩6. envious.  Now I'm not a astronomer but last I checked, the earth rotated around the sun, not Royal Icon. LOL.